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Is the surname Leonard Jewish?

No, it's an English and French surname. The French spelling is Léonard. It's derived from the Germanic name 'leohard'. 'Leo' means 'lion' whilst 'hard' means 'brave' or 'strong'. The name was taken from Germany to England by the Normans. Full Answer

How cool is AQWorlds?

this s my cool scale _______ l l~I never stop playing l l~WOOHOO! l l~Beast l l~Awesome aqworldsl l~pretty fun l l~Cool l l~O.K l l~This is a game? l l~waste of time l l~THIS SUX l_______l Full Answer

Solution to level 29 on soukoban?

L,L,L,D,R,U,R,R,D,D,D,L,D,D,L,L,U,L,U,R,L,L,L,D,R,U,R,R,D,D,R,R,U,U,R,U,U,U, L,L,L,D,D,D,L,L,L,U,U,R,R,L,L,D,D,R,R,R,U,U,R,U,R,R,D,D,D,L,D,D,L,L,U,U,L,L,L, U,U,R,R,R,R,R,U,R,D,L,L,L,L,L,L,D,D,R,R,R,D,D,R,R,U,U,L,L,L,L,D,L,U,D,R,R. Full Answer

What is end on staging?

end on staging is were the audience are dirctly ajacent to the stage, and the audience isn't seated around the sides of the stage ---------------- --------- l l l l l l l Audience l stage l l l l… Full Answer