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What cheese names start with the letter L?

One well known (stinky) cheese is limburger. Another is longhorn (a type of cheddar). Some other varieties include: Lacey Gray Lacy Swiss Lady Jane Laguiole Landaff Langres Lappi Largo Leafield Lebbene Leerdammer Legato Leyden (Leidse kaas) Livarot Full Answer

Is the cheese made of cheese?

The ingredients in cheese depends on the type of cheese. For example, the ingredients in cheddar include rennet, salt, plastic cheese coating, cheese wax, cheese hoop, as well as cheese cloth. Full Answer

What is cheese cheese?

Yes, cheese is qualified as cheese. The process in which we reach the end product of cheese contains other ingredients however. Milk is separated into a couple of its constituent parts: solid curds and whey (sounds like a nursery rhyme… Full Answer