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How much is LASIK treatment on average?

Recent LASIK treatments vary a little depending on which type of LASIK treatment is used. The price for non-customized is $1689. The wave-front guided LASIK is around $1947, and for all other laser-based vision correction procedures one would pay $2159… Full Answer

What is an lasik cost?

The average cost of lasik surger is from $1,580 for non customized, $2,150 for all laser-based vision correction procedures when a single price is quoted and $2,170 for wavefront-guided lasik. Full Answer

How effective is lasik?

Lasik is a very effective eye surgery. Nearsighted or farsighted patients usually get excellent results with Lasik vision correction procedure. Progress in Lasik technology during the last years has also translated to a higher chance of obtaining 20/20 or better… Full Answer