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Who is in the cast of Daddy Day Care?

Eddie Murphy ... Charlie Hinton Jeff Garlin ... Phil Steve Zahn ... Marvin Regina King ... Kim Hinton Kevin Nealon ... Bruce Jonathan Katz ... Dan Kubitz Siobhan Fallon ... Peggy (as Siobhan Fallon Hogan) Lisa Edelstein ... Crispin's Mom… Full Answer

Famous people named Laura?

Laura Dern, actress Laura Linney, actress Laura Bush, former first lady Laura Branigan, 80's pop star, her biggest hit was called "Gloria" Dr. Laura Shlessinger, conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingalls-Wilder Laura Harris (actress, roles in Stephen King's "It"… Full Answer

What is Saint Laura patron of?

Blessed Laura Vicuna is not yet a saint, she has only been beatified. However, she is the patron 'saint' of: abuse victims against incest against the death of parents Argentina incest victims martyrs