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What is the difference between lava and magna?

Magma is constrained within the volcano. It may be exposed as a 'lava lake' but it in its molten state is magma. Lava is an exudate from a volcano. My geological dictionary does not strongly constrain the terms.

What year did lake begain?

lakes were started from the beginning of the creation of the sea where there was a downpour and washed the lava of earth and filled the space where the land the lava melted into ditches into water

How was the donner lake formed?

Donner Lake was formed during the Pleistocene period when earthquakes, volcanoes and glaciers carved and shaped the landscape. The earthquakes created the hollow space in the ground, lava and glaciers sealed up the outlets, and then the glaciers melted, water… Full Answer

How doyou get obsidian in Minecraft?

Obsidian is formed when flowing water touches a still lava block. You can achieve this with a bucket of water and a natural lava lake. Once this happens, you can mine the block with a diamond pickaxe. Be careful that… Full Answer

What is mt erebus?

Mount Erebus is a volcano in Antarctica. It is the tallest volcano in Antarctica and the southernmost volcano in the world. it is notable for having an active lava lake.