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Who was lelah?

If you mean Layla, she is a character in a story, Majnun and Layla, by Persia's leading medieval epic poet, Nizami. It is a romantic tragedy that might be compared to Romeo and Juliet. Here the two star-crossed lovers are… Full Answer

Was lilah a character in the Bible?

Some people have claimed that Lilah is an alternate name for Delilah, from the Book of Judges. This is very unlikely. Lilah is far likelier to be a form of Layla (Girl born at night), a Persian romantic heroine from… Full Answer

What is Layli and Majnun?

It is the famous love story attributed to both Persian and Arabic literature, about a man, Majnun, madly in love with Layli. Somewhat Romeo and Juliet type of a story of star-crossed lovers.

What does the name Layla?

Layla is lover Majnoo. mantail want love from layla from layla tulaflaj . this man in heart like layla but islamic law dont have love . this Majnoo dont except law this islike layla peoples beat Majnoo and peoples till… Full Answer