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What are the political parties of Poland?

Civic Platform or PO ;Democratic Left Alliance or SLD ;Democratic Party or PD ; German Minority of Lower Silesia or MNSO , Law and Justice or PiS ;League of Polish Families or LPR ; Left and Democrats (LiD) (a coalition… Full Answer

What part of speech is polish?

The word polish is a regular verb. Get a clean rag and polish the furniture. (polish = verb) Polish is also a noun. She covered the tabletop with furniture polish. (polish = noun) Not to be confused with the proper… Full Answer

Is danowski a Jewish last name?

"Danowski" is a Polish habitational name, taken by families from any of various places named Danowo or Danow. Considering the history of the Jewish communities in Poland through several Centuries, those certainly could have included Jewish families. Full Answer