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What is a sale leaseback?

If you buy a leaseback property, you are buying it as an investment. The idea behind leaseback is that you buy a property and are guaranteed* rental income year round for that property, normally for France, up to about 4%pa… Full Answer

What rhymes with flashback?

•hatchback • saddleback • camelback•flashback, splashback•fatback • hardback • halfback•fastback • redback • shellback•setback, wetback•bareback•payback, playback•tailback, whaleback•zwieback • feedback • greenback•sweepback • leaseback • switchback•kickback • stickleback•slingback, wingback•piggyback•dieback, tieback•fightback, right-back•softback•clawback, drawback•talkback•callback Full Answer