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Did Romans battle at night?

The Battle of Bibracte was fought between the Helvetii and six Roman legions, under the command of Gaius Julius Caesar. It was the second major battle of the Gallic Wars.After following the migration of the Helvetii and defeating them, Caesar… Full Answer

Was Hadrian in the Amy?

Before becoming emperor Hadrian served as a military tribune three times in three different legions (The Legio II Adiutricix, Legio V Macedonica and Legio XXII Primigenia) and as a leguatus legionsis (commander of a legion) in the Legio I Minervia. Full Answer

What were Rome's legions called?

Most of the Roman legions were formed in the Late Republic and most of them were created by Pompey the great, Julius Caesar and Augustus. The names of these legions were: Legio I Germanica (German, 48 BC, after the Batavian… Full Answer