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What is whiteism?

Prior to 1660, Negroes that are White, were called Leukoethropes and Leukoethiopians. Leuko is ALL of the word White in Greek. In 1660, a Catholic Jesuit priest by the name of Baltazar Tellez, had spent considerable time in Ethiopia, to… Full Answer

What are some long Latin names?

Male: Agathangelus, Alexandrus, Ambrosianus, Artemidorus, Bartholomaeus, Callistratus, Catotigernos, Christophorus, Constantinus, Decebalus, Eleutherius, Epaphroditus, Frithunantus, Gillbertus, Gundislavus, Heironymus, Hermocrates, Ianuarius, Innocentius, Jacinthus, Januarius, Laurentinus, Lotharius, Ludovicus, Lysimachus, Marcellinus, Martialis, Maximilianus, Merianus, Narcissus, Nedebaeus, Neotolemus, Nicephorus, Nicodemus, Nicostratus, Octavianus, Onesiphorus, Paracelsus, Phildandrus… Full Answer

Who were Apollos wives?

Apollo was never married, but he did have liaisons with numerousmortal and immortal women (and mortal men).His female loved ones (and their children by him) were: - Daphne, an nymph, who, after being shot by Eros with a leaden arrow… Full Answer

Who are all of the gods of water?

Aztec mythologyAtlacamani, goddess of oceanic stormsAmimitl, god of lakes and fishermenAtlaua, a water deity, patron of fishers and archersChalchiuhtlatonal, god of waterChalchiuhtlicue, goddess of lakes, rivers, seas, streams, horizontal waters, storms, and baptismHuixtocihuatl, fertility goddess who presided over salt and… Full Answer

Greek gods and religion?

Ancient Greek name English name Description Ἀφροδίτη (Aphroditē) Aphrodite The goddess of love, beauty and desire. Although married to Hephaestus she had many lovers, most notably Ares. She was depicted as a beautiful woman. Her symbols include the rose, scallop… Full Answer