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What is a doorknob capacitor used for?

Doorknob capacitor 's Application: Marx Generator, MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Negative Ion Generator, Negative Air Ionizer, Negative Ionizers, Ozone generator, Ozone Machines, Polymer Housed Arrester, Polymer-housed Surge Arresters, Surge Arrester, Lightning Arrester, Surge Protection, Arrester, Lightning Current Arresters, Smart Grid, You… Full Answer

What are the types of generators?

There are 2 major forms of generators. one is a synchronous generator that converts mechanical power to ac power. the other is a dc generator. there are 5 basic categories of a dc generator: 1)seperately excited generator 2)shunt generator 3)series… Full Answer

Types of generators?

By the operation supply 1.AC generator 2.DC generator In DC generator we are having the following types according to the construction 1.DC Series Generator 2.DC shunt Generator 3.DC Compound Generator