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Jamaica state plant?

National Flower - Lignum Vitae Lignum Vitae (Guiacum officinale) is indigenous to Jamaica and was found here by Christopher Columbus. It is thought that the name "Wood of Life" was then adopted because of its medicinal qualities. Full Answer

What is the hardest wood on earth?

Lignum Vitae is the hardest trade wood on earth. It is also generally considered to be the hardest because it is the densest and heaviest, but that is different than hardness. Australian Buloke is the hardest wood on earth. Full Answer

Does wood float?

Yes, most wood that you run across in normal materials floats. However some such as lignum vitae have a density greater than water (1000 kg/m3) and sink. See Link. Full Answer

How dense is wood?

All wood besides Lignum Vitae, Ipe/Brazilian Walnut/Lapacho, Cumaru/Brazilian Teak, Ebony, Brazilian Redwood/Paraju, Angelim Pedra, and Bloodwood are below 1 g/cm3. Full Answer