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Can an Asian girl have a doe eyes?

The definition of Doe Eyed: # having large, soft, limpid eyes # naive; guileless; childlike I see no reason why one of Asian descent could not have Doe Eyes.

What are synonyms for clear?

clean comprehensible, understandable, plain, apparent, evident, certain, sure, convinced, definite, transparent, see-through, translucent, glassy, pellucid, limpid, open, unobstructed, unhindered, free, empty, bright, fine, fair, shining, cloudless, luminous, unblemished, immaculate, untarnished

Word that has pid at the end?

One type of tooth is a "bicuspid". Someone may think badly of someone, labeling them "insipid" or "stupid". A chemical name for a fat is a "lipid". Calm, clear liquid would be "limpid". Something sluggish or lethargic would be "torpid"… Full Answer

What are some synonyms of bright?

ablaze, aglow, alight, argent, auroral, beaming, blazing, brilliant, burning, burnished, coruscating, dazzling, effulgent, flashing, fulgent, fulgid, glaring, gleaming, glistening, glittering, glossy, golden, illuminated, illumined, incandescent, intense, irradiated, lambent,light, lighted, limpid, luminous, lustrous, mirrorlike, moonlit, phosphorescent, polished,radaint, relucent, respledent , scintillating… Full Answer