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Who is the model in the online earnmydegree ads?

Chances are that model is from a stock photography website. Photographers that use stock images hire models both agency represented and freelance, to shoot with them and the images are then uploaded to the respective stock photography websites. Your best… Full Answer

Where can one find stock pictures of kids?

Stock photography websites, such as Stock Exchange, can be a valuable source of free stock photography. Often times, however, a designer will want specific stock artwork, which often can be purchased in license from stock photography companies, both online and… Full Answer

Where can one find Buddha pictures online?

A stock photography site, such as FotoSearch, can offer a large collection of stock photography as well as pictures of Buddha statues, reprints of existing artwork of the Buddha, and more. Specific websites, such as BuddhaNet and BigHappyBuddha also seem… Full Answer