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Why are cities by water?

The easy answer is this: water -- rivers in particular -- offer transit options for trade goods, foodstuffs and people. Over time, the cities simply built up around these transit hubs.

Branch transit number list scotia Jamaica?

Here are the transit numbers for Scotiabank's Jamaica locations. Frankfield- Transit #: 00125a, May Pen-Transit #: 30205, Christiana- Transit #: 00125, Park Crescent - Transit #: 50195a, and Mandeville- Transit #: 50195. Hope this helps.

What has the author Mary Rawson written?

Mary Rawson has written: 'Property taxation and urban development' -- subject(s): Cities and towns, Growth, Land value taxation 'Transit, the nature and role of localized benefits' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Economic aspects of Local transit, Finance, Local transit, Real property, Valuation