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Are creationists right?

It is hard to say that creationists are right when they can not even agree on what they believe. Just two groupings of creationists shows the problem. "Young Earth Creationists" believe that the Bible must be read just as they… Full Answer

Do creationists believe in dinosaurs?

There are "Old-Earth Creationists" and "Young-Earth Creationists". Old-Earth Creationists accept the age of the Earth and believe that dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago, although they may dispute some of the evidence about evolution. Young-Earth Creationists also believe… Full Answer

Who argues that Intelligent Design has no place?

Young-earth Creationists disagree with the Intelligent Design movement for denying the designer. They also don't agree with long-age proponents of ID. A different approach: On the contrary, Intelligent design means, by definition, that there is a designer. While Young Earth… Full Answer

How many types of Creationists are there?

Creationists can be styled as "Young Earth" Creationists and "Old Earth Creationists". Young Earth Creationists believe that the world is literally only about 6,000 years old, based on a literal reading of the biblical Book of Genesis. They believe that… Full Answer

What is creationism?

Creationism was a movement that began in response to the discovery that all higher animals, including humans, evolved from simpler organisms. Creationism is the belief that the universe, earth, and life were created much as they now exist by a… Full Answer

How old do creationists think the earth is?

Young Earth creationists: roughly 6000 years. Old-Earth creationists: would generally say that it's as old as what is believed in Evolutionary theory. See also:Is there evidence for Creation?Can you show that God exists?Seeing God's wisdom Full Answer

What is the Creationist model?

The Creationist model is that God made the universe. This is represented in two more specific models. There are Creationists and religious people who espouse a belief in God-guided Evolution. Other Creationists, given the difficulties in Evolutionary theory, hold that… Full Answer

Can the sun be part of creationism?

Stop and think about it. If you are into creationism, then what won't be included? People who take the approach of creationism believe that absolutely everything, without exception, was created. You might be asking if creationists believe that solar processes… Full Answer

Do creationists believe that our world is the result of millions of years of adaptation?

Some people believe in God-guided evolution. Others see no need for contortionism or compromise, based on evidence for young-Earth Creation. Those wishing to study the evidence may find these links useful: Full Answer

What is Young Earth creationism?

Creationists can be styled as "Young Earth" Creationists and "Old Earth Creationists": Young Earth Creationists believe that the world is literally only about 6,000 years old, based on a literal or semi-literal reading of the biblical Book of Genesis. They… Full Answer

Is creationism credible?

There are at least two, quite different forms of creationism, and the question of whether creationism is credible must be applied separately to each. No doubt, both Young-Earth creationism and Old-Earth creationism are credible to their proponents, but the question… Full Answer