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Did WWE divas ever been tickled?

No divas have ever actually been tickled on air, the closest this may have came is in a scene with Snitsky/Edge/Lita when Edge was offering Litas feet to Snitsky for taking somebody out. Lita was bare foot here and Edge… Full Answer

Are euros accepted in Lithuania?

Perhaps in some places, but you could always just convert Euros to Lithuanian Litas, the current currency of Lithuania. Lithuania has expressed its goal of adopting the Euro by January 1, 2014. However, due to the current Euro crisis, this… Full Answer

What member of the EU has not adopted the euro as its currency?

These are the EU countries that do not use the Euro their currency is listed next to them.They are Bulgaria (Bulgarian lev),Czech Republic(Czech koruna), Denmark(Danish krone) Hungary (Hungarian forint),Latvia(Latvian lats),Lithuania(Lithuanian litas),Poland(Polish złoty),Romania(Romanian leu)Sweden(Swedish krona),United Kingdom(Pound sterling) Full Answer

How many currencies in Europe?

There are dozens of currencies used in Europe. The major examples are: Euro British Pound Bulgarian Lev Czech Koruna Danish Krone Hungarian Forint Lativan Lats Lithuanian Litas Polish Złoty (although the Euro is common in Poland) Romanian leu Swedish Krona… Full Answer