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When is Adtech London 2009?

Adtech London is a conference where all the best advertising minds meet up to discuss the latest trends. It will be held September 22-23, 2009 in London, England.

Who is Samuel Leonard Tilley?

he is the man who helped found North Dakota - that answer is worng, he was a Canadian politician in the Confederation He was born in Gagetown, New Brunswick in May.18,1818 and died by blood poisoning in 1896. He attended… Full Answer

Where did Confederation happen?

As a guess, confederation happened at the last conference, the London conference, on 1867.At that time only four provinces joined - *Canada East, *Canada West, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. At the second Conference which was the Quebec Conference. Prince… Full Answer

Who established the prime meridian in London?

Sir George Airy in 1851 at Greenwich, a suburb of London. In 1884 it was agreed at an international conference in Washington DC, to use the Greenwich Prime Meridian as the internationally accepted line of 0 degrees longitude..

How many NCAA Division 1 conferences are there?

31. America East Conference Atlantic 10 Conference Atlantic Coast Conference Atlantic Sun Conference Big 12 Conference Big East Conference Big South Conference Big Sky Conference Big Ten Conference Big West Conference Colonial Athletic Association Conference USA Horizon League Ivy League… Full Answer