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Why do men love their penis?

Men love their penis because it brings them great pleasure. Sexual activity is the greatest natural physical pleasure that a man can have. Try not to be so jealous, bitch. i love other mens penis me hamish murray add me… Full Answer

Who are the eastboys?

The Eastboys are men 18-29 and love everything gay sexy they only make out with men and show nudeness of the penis and tons of great porn

What attracts men?

Since men are individuals, it depends on his individual preference. Some love girls with great smiles, some love mystery behind their attitude, some love girls who make eye contact, while some like a girl who seems a bit indifferent to… Full Answer

Do women love more than men?

No, it all does not matter the gender. What is Love? These is formula to find the reality of a relation. Where there is a great :- (1) understanding, it is friendship (2) Sacrifice, it is love and (3) Faith… Full Answer