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What are sports teams that start with m?

Minnesota Vikings - football Miami Dolphins - football Dallas Mavericks- basketball Memphis Grizzles - basketball Miami Heat- Basketball Milwaukee Bucks- Basketball Minnesota Timberwolves- Basketball Orlando Magic- Basketball Seattle Mariners-Baseball Minnesota Twins - Baseball New York Mets- Baseball Florida Marlins- Baseball… Full Answer

Where does eminem's name come from?

It comes from his initials. his name is Marshall Bruce Mathers . and Marshall Mathers --> M&M, but that it doesn't give a conflict between the name from him and the chocolate M&M's (for avoid problems with the producter), he… Full Answer

What does M mean in music?

If you mean this m. Then it means mezzo (mezzo means 'moderately'). But you usually find the m with a p(piano) meaning soft, or f(forte)meaning loud after it. You will never find an m by itself in music ever. Full Answer