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Who were the main writers of the Maine constitution?

Answer . William King, Thomas Jefferson, John Chandler, Albion K. Parris, William Pitt Preble, and John Holmes were the main writters of Maine's Constitutio.
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What are the counties in Maine?

Answer . There are 16 Maine counties: Androscoggin, Aroostoock, Cumberland,Franklin,Lincoln, Knox, Oxford, Kennebec, Washington, Sagadahoc, York, Piscataquis, Somerset, Han ( Full Answer )
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What is unique about Maine?

Maine is unique because it produces 99 percent of all theblueberries in the United States. Maine is also the only state withone syllable in its name.
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What is a water main?

a water main is the main pipe that the city and towns use to move water from place to place. its the main pipe, so if this pipe breaks it can effect a lot of people
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What are the main industries in Maine?

Its economy is based on agriculture and natural resources. Chief products include timber and wood products, potatoes, and lobsters. Tourism is also an important source of inco ( Full Answer )
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What is Maine?

Maine is a state in the United States of America.. It was adopted on March 15, 1820.. It's nickname is The Pine Tree State.. It's capital is Augusta.. It's state motto is ( Full Answer )
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Why is Maine called Maine?

Many historians have ststed that the origin of the name of the State of Maine is unknown. However the State Legislature has stated for the record that it is named for the anci ( Full Answer )
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Where is main located?

The state of Maine is located in the northern part of the UnitedStates. Maine is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and New Hampshire.
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What are main verbs?

Well, there isn't really a difference between any regular verbs, or main ones, but verbs are action words. Examples: running, jogging, walking, swimming, etc.. Well, there is ( Full Answer )
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Tell you about Maine?

Very cold but is also very beautiful if you haven't seen it i suggest you plan a trip but try for the summer. . Just the Maine Facts: . 1.2 million call it home, includin ( Full Answer )
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What is the main main river of England?

The longest river is the Severn. An important river in England is the River Thames, because London is built on it.
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Where is Maine?

Maine is located in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, New Hampshire to the southwest, the Can ( Full Answer )
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What is MAIN?

there r 2 types of main: city ans the main idea. it's something u knw that sticks out the idea of a plot
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What is there to do in Maine?

There are many things to do and see in Maine. You can shop, swim, sightsee, hike, pick wild blueberries, and, if you're in Southern Maine, you can go to an amusement park cal ( Full Answer )
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What are the three main cites of Main?

Assuming you mean "Maine"... - Portland (largest city) - Augusta (capital) - Bangor (second largest city)
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What is main the matherboard?

the motherboard is the main motherboard. The only way you can have a main motherboard is if you have more than one in a computer witch are usually servers. 99.99999% of comput ( Full Answer )
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What are the main manufactured products in Maine?

Maine's fishing and lobster industry still thrives, as does paper mills wooden furniture, Christmas trees, wreaths, maple syrup and wind powered energy.
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Is Maine an island?

No, Maine is not an island, although it boasts an amazing 4,613 islands along its coastline. Mt Desert Island is the largest of those islands, which features the fabulous Acad ( Full Answer )
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How did Maine get its flag?

i think it got it's flag because of their nature i hope i get this write on my quiz. thankyou for letting me try my best to awnser!
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What are facts about for Maine?

dancers,music,bad people and dumb ness 90% of Maine's land is forest area. 1) Most of Stephen King's novels have their setting in Maine. 2) The state animal is the moose ( Full Answer )
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What is main engine?

The propulsion engine on a ship or aircraft is the MAIN engine . -Many aircraft and almost all ships have smaller engines just to produce electrical and hydraulic power.
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How do you get the main idea?

I believe that you get the main idea by using your brain like when you answer an easy question like: How many teethe do a shark have? Wrong Answer:4 Correct answer:5 D ( Full Answer )
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Who were the main ramones?

In the begining the ramones set up where: Joey- drums Dee Dee- singer/bass johhny-guitar Then after Dee Dee complained about sining and playing bass: joey- singer ( Full Answer )
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What was the main settlement?

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What are the main functions of the main board?

main board is activates all ic's and componets with processing speed . CMOS IS BOOTS ALL COMPONETS FOR SHOUT DOWN AND STRATING PROCESS
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Was there a president from Maine?

No --there have not been any Presidents born in the state of Maine.or who had Maine as their political base.
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The main Disneyland is in?

There isn't really a main Disneyland but the first one that opened is in Anaheim, California July 17 1955. There is a Disney World in Orlando, Florida which is much, much bigg ( Full Answer )
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What is main corse?

A main course if speaking about food is the middle meal after a starter but before a desert. It is the meal that fills you up. A starter is usually small like soup a main cour ( Full Answer )
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What is the main event in main street?

The main event on Main Street could be an event that is happeningin many towns across the United States. There are several citiesthat have a street called Main Street. This is ( Full Answer )
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Why Maine is calles Maine?

Maine is called Maine because it was the first "mainland" that sailors from europe would see when they came to America.
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Where does the Maine coon in Maine live?

the coon cat roams free throught maine or is a hous cat and the maine racoon lives in woods and forest, ive even seen some in the city before like portland, they really like a ( Full Answer )