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What are system design parameter?

Which of the following is NOT a system design parameter? Human Systems Integration (HSI), Reliability and Maintainability, Standardization, DOTMLPF Change Recommendation

What is the purpose of a disk array?

A disk array serves many purposes. It is a disk storage system that is capable of storing multiple disk drives. This product increases the availability and maintainability of stored information.

What is function of coupling?

coupling is a computer program, which is meant for the maintenance of the cohesion , coupling is inversely proportional to cohesion. When coupling and cohesion is combined then it acts as support to the high readability and maintainability of a… Full Answer

What are the characteristics of system software?

Operation: suitability, interoperability accuracy and security. Reliability: Maturity, fault endurance and recovery. Usability: Understandability, learnability and operability. Performance: efficiency or time behavior in performing the processes and best use from resource behavior. Maintainability: analyzability, changeability, stability and testability. Portability: adaptability… Full Answer

How often should you change your printer?

Changing the print cartages for your printer should be done whenever the ink amount is low. However, replacing or changing your printer should be done every 4-5 years at the most, or whenever your current printer is not working productively… Full Answer