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Where is soyo soyo Kenya?

Soyo Soyo is a village situated in Kenya's Coast Province. It is located near Malindi. The farmers in Soyo Soyo grow things such as coconuts, bananas, and cashews as well as pineapples and beans. Full Answer

Why did city states emerge in East Africa?

Mombasa, Gedi, Pate, Lamu, Malindi, Zanzibar, and Kilwa were all city-states in East Africa that participated in international trade from 1000 to 1500 CE. They arose as city-states from small agricultural centers that intensified their agricultural production and grew in… Full Answer

What is the closest airport to Kenya?

These are the major airports in Kenya: Malindi AirportMoi International AirportManda AirportEldoret International AirportKitale Airport Wilson AirportJomo Kenyatta International AirportKisumu AirportUkunda AirportSamburu Airport Full Answer