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Where is Manitoba in Canada?

Right about in the middle of the's between Ontario and Saskatchewan, above Montana. NO WAY! you must be American because Manitoba is above MINNESOTA and NORTH DA ( Full Answer )
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Is there emancipation in Manitoba?

\nNo. As far as I know there is no emancipation law in Canada at all.
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Where is Manitoba?

Manitoba is a Canadian province. It is the fourth province east ofthe Pacific Ocean. Manitoba's boundaries are: . to the south, the 49th parallel (the USA) . to the west, t ( Full Answer )
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Who discovered Manitoba?

A Metis Named Louis David Riel Is The Founder Of Our Amazing Province, Manitoba. . He Was A Canadian Politician, Founder Of Manitoba And He Led The 2 Rebellions; North-West ( Full Answer )
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Weather of Manitoba?

The climate of Manitoba, Canada is sunny and humid, and alsoextremely cold. It can get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in thesummer and below zero degrees in the winter.
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Where is Saint Anne in Manitoba?

It is a french speaking community/town in the south east of Manitoba off Hwy 12 called Saint Anne Mb.
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What is the animal of Manitoba?

The animal that is the symbol of Manitoba is the bison. Itsofficial bird is the great grey owl, the official tree is the whitespruce, and its official flower is the crocus.
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How did Manitoba get its name?

some people ran into this dog, and he took them on a adventure to find a wizard, when they went through all this stuff, and finally got to the wizard all he said was manitoba ( Full Answer )
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Is Manitoba a city?

What? are you american? no it is a province. in canada, probably why you didn't know.
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Where did Manitoba get its name?

The name derives from Cree manitou-wapow or Ojibwamanidoobaa, both meaning "straits of Manitou, the GreatSpirit", which is a place in the middle of Lake Manitoba.
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How did the metis get to Manitoba?

If you are referring to the time period around the Red River Rebellion, for the most part, the Metis involved in it were born in what is now Manitoba.. The Metis people origi ( Full Answer )
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Why is Manitoba cold?

manitoba is cold because it has many tundras near by! (tundras are freezing with ice floors!)
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What is the climate in Manitoba?

the climate in Manitoba is rainy. If this is wrong or you have any suggestions Email me! My
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What are facts on Manitoba?

Manitoba has many famous people like Susan Aglukark, Tommy Douglas, Dough Henning, Deanna Durbin, Terry Sawchuck and Nellie McClung. Tommy was known as the father of medicine ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about manitoba?

Manitoba is one of Canada's prairie provinces. The province of Manitoba is located between Saskatchewan and Ontario. Ontario is their neighbour to the east of Manitoba, while ( Full Answer )
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Does Manitoba have mountains?

Manitoba doesn't really have any mountains at all. There are a few big hills that are called mountains, but they're just hills, not really mountains. Alberta and British Colu ( Full Answer )
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What is the Manitoba tornado?

"Manitoba tornado" could refer to any tornado that occurs in theCanadian province of Manitoba. There are two tornadoes that ocurredin Manitoba in recent years that were fairly ( Full Answer )
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What is the history on Manitoba?

Manitoba is the "keystone" province located in the heart of Canada. Created by the Manitoba Act of 1870, the province was at first a tiny rectangle comprising little more than ( Full Answer )
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When was Manitoba discovered?

Manitoba was not 'discovered.' Manitoba is a province that was created out of the Northwest Territories by the Government of Canada on July 15, 1870. It is one of Canada's thr ( Full Answer )
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What is the religons in Manitoba?

The largest denominations by number of adherents according to the 2001 census were the Roman Catholic Church with 292,970 (27%); the United Church of Canada with 176,820 (16%) ( Full Answer )
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Where does Manitoba get its name?

Manitoba gets its name from i don't know just play xbox live accont and biy gears of war
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What is the attraction of Manitoba?

Manitoba has great fishing, hunting, wilderness adventure possibilities. For opportunity it has farming and all sorts of resource jobs.
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Do tornadoes occur often in Manitoba?

In Canada tornadoes are most likely to occur in Saskatchewan,MANITOBA and Ontario.So it does,but these are just Canadian places.No need to worry because they don't happen ofte ( Full Answer )
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What is the oldest city in Manitoba?

I read in a book Winnipeg is the oldest city in Manitoba, but I'm not sure
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How do people dress in manitoba?

It depends on location, culture, social group and many other factors. Snowmobiling from Churchill to York Factory would see many Snow Goose Resolute Parka's, snow pants, and m ( Full Answer )
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What is the area code for Manitoba?

The entire province of Manitoba is area code +1 204. Area code +1 431 will be added as an overlay on November 3, 2012, also serving the entire province.
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How many provinces are west of Manitoba?

Three: Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut are federal territories, and lack the sovereign status of Provinces within Canadian ( Full Answer )
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Does Manitoba have any mountains?

Duck mountain, porcupine mountain and pembina mountain. These are the three mountain ranges in Manitoba.
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Why is Manitoba important?

It's a province of Canada, all provinces of Canada are important. But if you must know what makes MB different from all the others then.. we're the #1 slurpee capital of the w ( Full Answer )