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What is the largest three digit number?

base-2 : 111 = 7(base-10) base-3: 222 = 26(base-10) base-4: 333 = 33(base-10) base-5: 444 = 124(base-10) base-6: 555 = 215(base-10) base-7: 666 = 342(base-10) base-8: 777 = 511(base-10) base-9: 888 = 728(base-10) base-10: 999 = 999(base-10) base-11: AAA =… Full Answer

What is a base coaches job?

A base coaches job in baseball is to give signals to the runners of what to do for example stealing, stopping at that base, going to the next base, or sliding. there is a base coach for first base and… Full Answer

Constructors in derived class of c plus plus?

class base { base():m_data(0){} base(int i):m_data(i){} base(const base& b):m_data(b.m_data){} private: int m_data; }; class derived : public base { derived():base(){} // call base class default constructor derived(int i):base(i){} // call base class overloaded constructor derived(const derived& d):base(d){} // call base… Full Answer