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What is Mario real name?

Mario's name is acutally Mario Mario as established in the Mario Brothers Movie, and in game titles in witch they refer to them as the Mario brothers. Them being Luigi Mario and Mario Mario. Full Answer

What are all the Mario Kart games?

Super mario kart, Mario kart 64, Mario kart: super circuit, Mario kart: Double dash!!, Mario kart Arcade GP, Mario kart DS, Mario kart arcade GP 2, Mario kart WII, Mario kart 7, Mario kart arcade GP DX and Mario kart… Full Answer

What games are there in the Mario sires?

Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario World Super Mario Land Super Mario World 2 Super Mario Land 2 Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine New Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Galaxy… Full Answer