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Why martensite is harder then pearlite?

Because Martensite transformation is almost instantaneous, the Martensite has the identical composition of the parent phase. Formation of Martensite involves a transformation from a body-centered cubic structure to body-centered tetragonal structure. The large increase in volume that results creates a… Full Answer

What is trip steel?

TRIP steel is Transformation Induced Plasticity steel. It is a composite steel that consists of ferrite, bainite, martensite precipitants and restrained austenite. The austenite will transform into martensite when strained, thus increasing the strength of the steel. To stabilize the… Full Answer

How are flexon glasses made?

Flexon glasses are a titanium alloy like Nickel-Titanium. These are shape memory alloys that have the ability to transform between martensite and austenite phases when a load or temperature change is applied. they can be forged, extruded, or vacuum melted. Full Answer

How many kinds of stainless steel are there?

Several. Ferritic, Austenite and Martensitic which can be further broken down into different types. . Austenite has the highest degree of corrosion resistance, ferritic has the best machinability while martensite is the most suitable for objects that need to be… Full Answer

What is the microscopic structure of steel?

Microscopically (what we can see through an electronic microscope), steel is seen in a shape of grains, particules, beans, but the submicroscopic strcture of steel is its crystalline structure: the ferrite is Cubic centred, austenite is cubic faced centred and… Full Answer