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Who founded Massachusetts?

Algonquian Indians were the first settlers in the region ofMassachusetts. The first English explorer in Massachusetts wasBartholomew Gosnold, who visited the area in 1602. In ( Full Answer )
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Why was Massachusetts founded.?

Massachusetts was founded by the puritans* for the sake of religious freedom. . puritans*- A member of a group of English Protestants who in the 16th and 17th centuries advoc ( Full Answer )
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Why was Massachusetts named Massachusetts?

Massachusetts was named Massachusetts because of the Native American tribe called Massachusett. They lived in Massachusetts Bay where the pilgrims landed. Coincidentally the W ( Full Answer )
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Where is Massachusetts?

In the northeast. New England. Upper right corner of a standard U.S. map such as the one linked below. Massachusetts is located by Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Verm ( Full Answer )
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What is the geography of Massachusetts?

The geography of Massachusetts includes that it is the seventhsmallest state in the United States. Bodies of water include CapeCod Bay, Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts Bay, and ( Full Answer )
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The nickname of Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is nicknamed The Bay State. It is officially known asthe Commonwealth of Massachusetts and was the 6th to be grantedstatehood in the US.
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What are the industries of Massachusetts?

The major industries of Massachusetts are life science, thefinancial industry, manufacturing, and computer and informationtechnology. Other large industries in the state are d ( Full Answer )
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How did Massachusetts get its name and why?

How Massachusetts get it name well I hav no idea found out oh and go on oh we r well this is a stupid moment 4 me bye
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What is theTime in Massachusetts?

Unable to give a proper answer to your question, and here's why:. When asking about the time in different places around the world Wiki can only answer if we know (1) the plac ( Full Answer )
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Why was Massachusetts formed?

Massachusetts was formed by the colonists because they were lookingfor a new start. It was also in a great location and the land wasalso full of natural resources.
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What crops are from Massachusetts?

Greenhouse/nursery . Cranberries. Dairy products . Corn, sweet. Apples . Cattles and calves. Hay . Aquaculture . Tobacco . Chicken eggs . Potatoes . Turkeys . Mapl ( Full Answer )
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What was the Massachusetts Charter?

The Massachusetts Charter was a document that granted rights to the people of Massachusetts Bay Colony from the English government. A sort of colonial constitution. All the 13 ( Full Answer )
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What is in Massachusetts?

Massacusets has many hisorical things init because it joined 9th also go to the larget city Boston and the capital camparage
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Where was Massachusetts?

mass. was located in the same spot as the 1770s you could get a dictionary and find out
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Why is Massachusetts called Massachusetts?

Named for a tribe of Native Americans who made their home south ofBoston; has been interpreted over the years as "of the great bluehill", "great hills", and even said to mean ( Full Answer )
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What monuments are in Massachusetts?

The Bunker Hill Monument in the Boston National Historic Park is probably the one you are looking for.
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What can you do in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is loaded with historical, cultural, vacation & sporting activities all across the state and in every season every corner of the commonwealth has something to of ( Full Answer )
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Are groundhogs in Massachusetts?

There are animals in Massachusetts called Woodchucks that are called Groundhogs in other parts of the country.
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What can you do in Boston Massachusettes?

You can do lots of fun tours, walk the freedom trail, visit fun museum's, visit the Sky Walk Observatory, and visit fun parks.
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What is Massachusetts precipitation?

Precipitation that falls in Massachusetts. You probably typed in this question wrong. When you type in your question again, ask for the Average and time ranges that you want ( Full Answer )
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Are there badgers in Massachusetts?

I live in central Massachusetts and we have a badger family within 50 feet of our home. They appear almost every day feeding in the neighbors yard. It's pretty cool to see. At ( Full Answer )
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Does Massachusetts have slavery?

By the time of the Civil War- which ultimately ended it(Slavery) The trade was practiced only in the Southern States (below the Mason-Dixon Line) There were no slaves in Massa ( Full Answer )
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How did Massachusetts get its shape?

There was alot of border disputes with massachusetts during 1700sso it took 30-50 years to draw simple borders but back then thesurveying techinque was different and massachus ( Full Answer )
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Does Massachusetts have tornadoes?

Yes, Massachusetts has had tornadoes as strong as F4. One of thesetornadoes struck the town of Worcester on June 9, 1953 and killed94 people, making it one of the worst tornad ( Full Answer )
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Why did Massachusetts form?

Because the puritans led by john winthrop wanted a more pure anglican church so they moved to the new world to settle their and named it Massachusetts Bay Colony
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Why is Massachusetts sinking?

There was a study conducted a while back that stated that the coastline was not as stable as once thought, but the rate of change was inconclusive.
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What presidents were from Massachusetts?

John and John Quincy Adams and John F. Kennedy were in born Massachusetts and lived and held public office there. Calvin Coolidge are lived there all of his adult life th ( Full Answer )
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Was Massachusetts religious?

In its earliest years, it was a very religious colony, almost a theocracy. The Puritans were dominant, and they did not welcome members of other religions. But gradually, that ( Full Answer )
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What is the uniform of the Massachusetts?

I am not sure I understand your question, and I live inMassachusetts. If you are asking about school uniforms or schoolcolors, those vary: for example, the school colors of th ( Full Answer )
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What was massachusetts religions?

When the Massachusetts Bay colony was founded, the dominantreligion was a Protestant denomination of Christianity calledPuritanism. Eventually, other kinds of Protestants came ( Full Answer )