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What is an oriental massage?

Oriental Massage is not a modality like Thai massage or Shiatsu. Oriental massage parlors are often offering illegal add-on and services to massage. Professional massage therapists would never say they do oriental massage. It pretty much means you can get… Full Answer

How many types of massage?

Health massage therapy is a diverse field. There are over a hundred type of massage therapies found all over the world. And new techniques are gradually practiced and added today. For simplicity purposes, all of these techniques are grouped into… Full Answer

Where can one find a massage parlor in London?

There are a few massage parlours in London. In central London there are massage parlours like Pearl London,, Be spoke massage, pan thai massage in Kensington, Marylebone, Euston, Soho, Covent Garden, Paddington, Chelsea, etc. Full Answer

Do you have to be an LMT to do massage?

If you want to do massage therapy professionally you will need a license. There are different designations in different parts of the country and in different states. You may be a licensed massage therapist (LMT), a certified massage therapist (CMT)… Full Answer

What is a Chair Massage?

A chair massage is a massage performed in a special chair, with the client upright and fully clothed. This type of massage focuses on the back, shoulders, neck, and arms. Full Answer

How much do massages cost?

The rate of a massage depends on the type of massage you get and when you are getting the massage. In a regular shop, you can expect to pay $45 to $50 for a 30 minute massage. Full Answer