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What are mast cell stabilizers?

.prevents the release of mast cell granules, thereby preventing release of histamine and the other chemicals contained in them. It acts as a preventive treatment if it is begun several weeks before the onset of the allergy season. Full Answer

Where did the word cellphone come from?

It comes from the way mobile (cell) phones work. Each handset transmits to, and receives from a mast. Each mast then re-broadcasts the signal to each of the neighbouring masts, thus the signal can travel over vast distances. Each mast… Full Answer

The third mast on a vessel called?

Fore-mast: the first mast, or the mast fore of the main-mast.Main-mast: the tallest mast, usually located near the center of the ship.Mizzen-mast: the third mast, or the mast immediately aft of the main-mast.(information from wikipedia) Full Answer

Mast cells lead to allergic response which might be harmful to human body then why are mast cells present in your body and how are they useful to the body?

Mast cells are helpful to the physical body because they help iniate an inflammatory response. Inflammation is used by the physical body to defend it'self against incoming antigens that could potentially harm the body. Inflammation is an immune system adaptation… Full Answer