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What is pure math?

Pure Mathematics is the branch of mathematics that deals only with mathematics and how it works - it is the HOW of mathematics. It is abstracted from the real world and provides the "tool box" of mathematics; it includes things… Full Answer

What is modern mathematics?

Mathematics became very analytical around the time of Riemann (1826-1866). The mathematics that followed from this is known as modern mathematics. Applied mathematicians may consider more recent mathematics in the second half of the 1900's to be modern mathematics, when… Full Answer

What has the author K A Stroud written?

K. A. Stroud has written: 'Engineering Mathematics' 'Engineering mathematics' -- subject(s): Engineering mathematics, Programmed instruction, Problems, exercises 'Differential equations' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Problems, exercises, Laplace transformation 'STROUD:ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS' 'Advanced engineering mathematics' -- subject(s): Programmed instruction, Engineering mathematics 'Further engineering… Full Answer