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What has the author Giovanni Maciocia written?

Giovanni Maciocia has written: 'Obstetrics and gynecology in Chinese medicine' -- subject(s): Chinese Medicine, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Female Genital Diseases, Genital Diseases, Female, Gynecology, Medicine, Chinese, Medicine, Chinese Traditional, Obstetrics 'Tongue diagnosis in Chinese medicine' -- subject(s): Chinese Medicine, Medicine… Full Answer

What has the author Bhagwan Dash written?

Bhagwan Dash has written: 'Ayurvedic treatment for common diseases' -- subject(s): Ayurvedic Medicine, Medicine, Ayurvedic 'Materia medica of Tibetan medicine' -- subject(s): Materia medica, Vegetable, Medicine, Tibetan, Tibetan Medicine, Vegetable Materia medica 'Handbook of Ayurveda' -- subject(s): Ayurvedic Medicine, Handbooks… Full Answer