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What has the author Alessandro Perosa written?

Alessandro Perosa has written: 'Studi di filologia umanistica' -- subject(s): Intellectual life, Latin philology, Medieval and modern, History and criticism, Humanism in literature, Latin literature, Medieval and modern, Medieval and modern Latin literature, Medieval and modern Latin philology

What has the author Petrus Alfonsi written?

Petrus Alfonsi has written: 'Disciplina clericalis' -- subject(s): Didactic literature, Latin (Medieval and modern), Translations into Italian 'Disciplina clericalis' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Didactic literature, Latin (Medieval and modern), Discipline, Early works to 1800, Exempla, History, Latin literature, Medieval and… Full Answer

What has the author Bartholomaeus written?

Bartholomaeus has written: 'The Latin manuscript tradition in England of the De proprietatibus rerum of Bartholomaeus Anglicus' -- subject(s): De proprietatibus rerum 'Batman vppon Bartholome' -- subject(s): Civilization, Medieval, Science, Medieval, Medieval Civilization, Medieval Science 'Anno. M.D.XXXV. Bertholomeus De proprietatibus… Full Answer

What has the author Bernhard Pabst written?

Bernhard Pabst has written: 'Rundfunk- und Fernsehbauteile' -- subject(s): Equipment and supplies, Radio, Television 'Prosimetrum' -- subject(s): Classical influences, Classical languages, Classical literature, History, History and criticism, Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.), Latin language, Medieval and modern, Latin prose literature, Medieval… Full Answer

What word is latin for fief?

Fiefs are a feature of the medieval feudal system, so as you would expect classical Latin has no such word. In medieval or Low Latin the term is feodum, referring to lands held by various tenants for rent.

What has the author Hrotsvitha written?

Hrotsvitha has written: 'The plays of Hrotswitha of Gandersheim' -- subject(s): Translations into English, Christian drama, Latin (Medieval and modern) 'The non-dramatic works of Hrosvitha' -- subject(s): Translations into English, Christian literature, Latin (Medieval and modern) 'Dulcitius' -- subject(s): Translations… Full Answer