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How do you meet the cast of Harry Potter?

I suppose that the only way to meet them would be if you won a competition or if you were involved in the film.And it is very unlikely to meet them until after finishing filmi ( Full Answer )
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In Shippuden when does Naruto meet Hinata?

He meet's her in Shippuden episode 33. Hinata's so cute in it^_^. You can watch it on They have ALL of the naruto episodes,manga chapters and movies.
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Does Naruto meet his father?

Yes naruto meets his father when he fught s pein he goes fully nine tailed fox and he meets his father inside of his conscience and punches him for sealing the fox inside of h ( Full Answer )
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Who is on the cast of Naruto?

Answer . Naruto - Miley Maile Flanagan - naruto was played by a girl!?!. Sasuke - Yuri Lowenthal . Sakura - Kate Higgins . Kakashi - Dave Wittenberg. Kankuro - Michael ( Full Answer )
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How will Naruto meet his dad?

some people say that narutos dad is the 4th hokage. he won't. if his dad is the fourth hokage, he died at about the time naruto was born-watch the first episode andhe's a bab ( Full Answer )
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When will naruto live action come out?

Universal studios Japan is doing a live action show in JAPAN only, i dont know if any videos will be released online, but hopefully there will ^-^.. Also to be honest the cos ( Full Answer )
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How can you meet the twilight cast?

Hi!!!! I am so excited!!! i just received an autographed photo and personalized note from Christian Serratos (Angela) from Twilight!!!! She is so sweet and nice! I have alread ( Full Answer )
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When will Naruto live action movie release?

No live action Naurto movie has been confirmed. There were rumors of a live action version starring Shia Lebeouf earlier in 2009, but this turned out being an April Fool's day ( Full Answer )
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Will naruto meet his mother?

Yes, he will. It may have not shown on tv episodes yet but I believe the manga's will have it before the episodes. Note:You can watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden episodes at ( Full Answer )
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How do you meet the 'Wicked' cast?

The most complete, most current information may be gleaned from and . The second site offers the additional advantage of li ( Full Answer )
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Will they make a Naruto live action movie?

Dear God I hope not. They haven't mentioned anything about making one yet, and I hope they never will. I've already been scarred by the Dragon Ball Z movie along with The Last ( Full Answer )
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When does Naruto meet himself?

i don't know but sorry to tell you this but that's probably not him but his dad(not giving spoilers)
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How can you meet the eastenders cast?

it would be OK if you wanted to wait outside off elstree studio or you can simperly write fan mail to the cast here is the address actors REAL name Extenders BBC Elstree Cen ( Full Answer )
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Will they make a live action naruto movie?

i dont know for sure but theres been rumors that they might and that naruto will be played by Shia Lebouf.if they do i hope its not a disappointment like dbz evolution.
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Do Sasuke and Naruto meet again?

Sasuke and Naruto meet again in episode 1 of Shippuden: Naruto. (?) The below plot synopsis may be incorrect. PLOT SPOILER: Naruto and Sakura got some information about O ( Full Answer )
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What episode do Hinata and Naruto meet?

Type your answer here...hinata mets naruto im episode 1 but she nows about naruto wen she was 6 and she love naruto wen she was 8
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In what episode does Naruto meet Itachi?

At the end of episode 83 when they knock on his door. They being to talk in the next episode and then Sasuke fights his brother.
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What happens when Naruto meet Karin?

Karin was hurt by Sasuke's attack when they met. She see bright and warm chakra of Naruto and said it was the exact opposite of Sasuke's chakra, which was dark and cold. Then ( Full Answer )
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How can you meet the cast of Merlin?

i have been hoping to find the answer to this question myself. i have researched quite a bit and i cannot find a merlin convention anywhere. there was to be one later this yea ( Full Answer )
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How can you meet the cast of Degrassi?

r u serious... Well you can check were there going to be close to you or if there attending any events near you and what not.
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When does Naruto meets Tobi Naruto Shippuden?

He first meets Tobi when they are in pursuit of Sasuke, whois currently fighting Itachi. Tobi then goes to meet with Narutowhen they are in the Land of Iron after failing to c ( Full Answer )
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How can you meet the glee cast?

Not too sure but sometime when they're on tour, you can buy like some type of VIP tickets and i think, if im not mistake, you can go backstage or do a meet and greet...somethi ( Full Answer )
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Is the movie for the naruto live action movie out yet?

The Naruto live action movie hasn't came out yet. The movie hasn't came out yet because it never will. why?, because it was a clever Aprils Fools joke designed to give false h ( Full Answer )
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How do you meet the Coronation Street cast?

They used to have studio tours at Coronation Street so you could visit the street and meet some of the cast, but for security reasons they stopped doing it. However, they do s ( Full Answer )
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Who was in the cast of Meet the Fockers?

Meet The Fockers, a romantic comedy released in 2004, has an all-star cast including Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand, Owen Wilson, and Blythe Da ( Full Answer )
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Will Sora and naruto meet?

They did meet in Shippuden episode 54. Since Sora was a fillercharacter it is unlikely he will return.