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Where can you play racquetball in Manhattan?

There is a Manhattan based racquetball meetup group located here. It is a community of racquetball players in Manhattan and greater New York. There they have quarterly ladders as well as one-off events. There are quite a few members… Full Answer

Are there anyorganiztion for beagle owners?

There are both formal organizations and groups you can join to enjoy the company of other beagle owners, online and off. Online there is OurBeagleWorld, Beagle meetup, and Beagles-Owners-Club on Facebook. For a formal organization try The Beagle Club. They… Full Answer

Where do you find atheists?

Since Atheists are just people with a unacceptance of god claims, Atheists can potentially be found anywhere. If you are searching for an Atheist group, one can find them also listed as freethinkers and sometime humanists as well. Groups can… Full Answer