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How big was megalomania?

Megalomania is a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, etc. As the question is in the Animal Life category, could the questioner have meant a particular species of dinosaur? Full Answer

Does megalomania exist?

No. Megalomania is a term coined by less intelligent people to refer to more intelligent people who acknowledge the fact that there actually ARE some people who are right about everything that they say. The secret is not to be… Full Answer

Couldn't anyone change Hitler?

Hitler seems to have had mental illness underlying his megalomania. If he had the correct medications and psychiatric help, he might have been treated for this.Whether that would have made him sane, or changed his agenda, is unknown. Full Answer

How do you treat megalomania?

You stay well clear of the person.They will not believe what your saying and will try to put you down for questioning there own greatness. If your related to such an individual don't place large amounts of energy with them… Full Answer