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How do you put a menstrual cup in?

To insert a menstrual cup you simply fold the cup and insert vaginally, aiming towards the small of your back, once inserted you allow the cup to open and turn it to create a seal. There are many resources online… Full Answer

How to measure menstrual blood loss?

You can get a menstrual cup such as a Mooncup which allows you to measure flow exactly. Menstrual cups are an internal menstrual product but safer than tampons so can be worn throughout your period without needing to alternate with… Full Answer

What do you do during your period?

There is nothing you cannot do during your period - so you would do anything that you would do normally, only you would use a menstrual pad, menstrual tampon, or menstrual cup to handle the flow of blood from your… Full Answer

How many menstrual cups do I need?

You only need one menstrual cup - menstrual cups last for up to 10 years and are reusable. Some people have multiple menstrual cups as they find some different brands work better for them at different points in their cycles… Full Answer

Do tampons hurt virgins?

No, tampons do not hurt virgins any more than they hurt those who've had sex. A virgin is someone who has not yet had sex - that's all, there is absolutely no physical difference between someone who is a virgin… Full Answer

Can a virgin use menstrual cup?

Yes, young girls wear menstrual cups. Their is no difference in a girl who is a virgin and a girl who is not. After sexual intercourse a women's vagina goes back to how it always was before. I really recommend… Full Answer

What is a dicacup?

A DivaCup is a menstruating cup used to.. catch rather then absorb menstrual fluids. It comes in a variety of sizes and is made from latex, silicon or mixtures. Full Answer

Could you run when you get your period?

Yes, you could run during your period - there's absolutely nothing that you can't do during your period. You might be more comfortableusing internal menstrual products like a menstrual cup when you run as it's more comfortable not ot have… Full Answer

Do menstrual cups hurt?

nope! they sit in very comfortably so you cant even feel it, when your sitting, standing ect! depending on where you live get the right size and brand Eg: u.s.a: Diva cup. U.k: moon cup ect. hope that helps chick! Full Answer

What are menstrual chunks?

The 'chunks' that you see in menstrual flow are primarily larger pieces of the uterine lining. You may also see cervical mucus mixed with blood which can be quite thick and lumpy looking in your flow. Full Answer

What is a menustral cup?

A menstrual cup is a type of menstrual product. Menstrual cups are small bell-shaped cups that you put into your vagina during menstruation to catch menstrual flow before it leaves your body - these are normally made from medical grade… Full Answer

A word for heavy menstrual period?

The medical term to mean a heavy period is Menorragia. Menorragia is when the menstrual flow is over 80ml, although this is still fairly light compared to many people's menstrual flow. If you're leaking through ultra tampons or maxi pads… Full Answer