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New metasearch engine?

New popular metasearch engine which fetches from MSN, Yahoo, Google and displays results on one screen in multi columns side by side. Supports local and global search, all languages, all results, spelling suggestions, duplication links removing option. Also, you… Full Answer

When was ixquickcom founded?

The metasearch engine known as Ixquick, was founded in 1998. It is owned by Surfboard Holdings B.V. and is based on New York and the Netherlands. It is ranked number 7,807 on Alexa as of September 2013. Full Answer

Where was ix-quick founded?

Ixquick is the name given to a metasearch engine which was launched in 1998. It was founded in the Netherlands and is also based there as well as in New York. It is owned by Surfboard Holdings B.V. Full Answer