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Is meloxicam a methamphetamine?

Meloxicam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It seems amphetamine & methamphetamine, two different drugs, were mistaken. No drug can be "a methamphetamine" since methamphetamine is crystal meth. Full Answer

How is methamphetamine cut with msn?

Methamphetamine is cut with MSM (not MSN) by adding the powdered MSM to the powdered methamphetamine. This is a process that is illegal and extremely harmful to users of the narcotic. Full Answer

Is ectacy a form of methamphetamine?

No. It is in the Amphetamine class of drugs (as with meth) and its chemical structure is partially similar to Methamphetamine but it is a unique chemical and it works differently then Methamphetamine (it has some similar effects although) There… Full Answer