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How did Mexico become a country?

Mexico was already a country when the Spanish "discovered" it. It was, to our sensibilities, a rather unhappy country with a group called the Aztecs oppressing most of the oth ( Full Answer )
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Where is the country of Mexico located?

Mexico is located in the northern hemisphere, directly south of United States of America and north of Guatemala and Belize. It is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and ( Full Answer )
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What country is Mexico in?

If you mean NEW Mexico, it is a state located in the southwesternUnited States. Otherwise, Mexico is an independent country and hasbeen so since 1821.
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What was ancient name for country of Mexico?

The Mexica (Nahuatl) were an indigenous people of Mexico, known today as the Aztecs.. There is disagreement over the meaning of the name Mexica, and the place name Mexico (Me ( Full Answer )
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What do we get from the country Mexico?

That depends on who "we" are. For general exports Mexico provides to the United States and Canada: Manufactured goods, electronics, oil and oil products, aircraft, silver, co ( Full Answer )
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Is the country of Mexico a capitalist country?

Yes, Mexico is classified as a capitalist country. Most businesses and companies are privately owned, with some exceptions, including the petroleum and electricity generation ( Full Answer )
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But what country is Mexico?

There are two Mexicos: one is "Mexico" or the "United Mexican States" (capital: Mexico City), which is an independent country since 1810, bordering the United States of Americ ( Full Answer )
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How is Mexico a country?

Mexico is a country because there are only 50 states meaning Mexico can't be a state. So Mexico is a country when way back they owned half of Texas and California so it was ( Full Answer )
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Does Mexico have countries?

No. Mexico is a federal republic, composed of 31 states and one federal district. In fact, United Mexican States is the official name for Mexico. The Mexican states, with th ( Full Answer )
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Is Mexico a sparsley populated country?

Not Really. There are sparsely populated regions within Mexico, such as the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts on the north and along the Mexican mountain ranges, known as Sierra ( Full Answer )
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Is Mexico a country in America?

it is a country in central America, but it is not part of the united states.
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How did mexico became a country?

As a modern country, since September 27, 1821 when it consummated its independence war against Spain (1810-1821).
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What countries don't trade with Mexico?

Most Sub-saharan Africa (Madagascar, Republic of Congo, Lesotho) as well as most of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan) fall out of reach for Mexican trade - im ( Full Answer )
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What country is north east of Mexico?

The United States (bordering Mexico). Other countries, not bordering Mexico would include Cuba, the Bahamas, Canada and Greenland.
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Where does Mexico rate in murders by country?

Murder is measured by "murder rate", a statistic of intentional homicide per 100,000 people. Mexico is on the 27th place, with 10 murders per 100,000 people, or 11,200 people ( Full Answer )
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What country did Mexico fight?

You need to refine your question. Some answers would be the United States, Spain or France.
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Was Mexico ever its own country?

I guess you mean New Mexico (Capital: Santa Fe), a US State which was acquired through the Mexican-American War. No it was never a country on its own, as it became a territory ( Full Answer )
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Which countries are larger than Mexico?

Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world, after: . Russia . Canada . United States . China . Brazil . Australia . India . Argentina . Kazakhstan . Algeria ( Full Answer )
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What country is bigger Mexico or Brazil?

Brazil is the 4th largest country in the world, 3rd in the Americas and first in Latin America, with 8,514,877 square kilometers (3,287,612 sq mi) of area. Mexico stands as ( Full Answer )
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What countries does Mexico have trade agreements with?

Those would be: In effect . NAFTA (Canada, the United States) . Costa Rica . Nicaragua . Chile . European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, ( Full Answer )
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Was the country of Mexico founded in 2005?

No. It was the year of 1325 when it was founded as an Aztec Empire. The modern country of Mexico was founded on September 15, 1810, when it declared its independence from S ( Full Answer )
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What country is bordered by Mexico and Canada?

The United States borders Canada to the south and Mexico to the north. (In other words, Mexico is south of the United States, and Canada is north of the United States)
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Is Puerto Rico a country of Mexico?

No. It is an island on the Caribbean which is an unincorporated territory of the United States.
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What are the4 countries south of Mexico?

On its south, Mexico shares an 871 km (541 mi) border with Guatemala and a 251 km (156 mi) border with Belize. Hope this helps!
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Why does Mexico is not a free country?

It is an independent country, and has a federal republic as government system but 'free' can mean many different things to different people.
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Which country does Mexico get automotive parts from?

Many of them are made either at Canada or the United States. Other parts are made from OEM companies which reside on Mexico, and some other parts are from the rest of Latin Am ( Full Answer )
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Which country is richer Mexico or Guatemala?

Mexico's GDP: $1.463 trillion (2009 est.) - ranked 12th in the world . Guatemala's GDP: $67.78 billion (2009 est.) - ranked 82nd in the world. . Mexico's GDP per capita: $ ( Full Answer )
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Is Mexico an advanced country?

You mean "developed" or industrialized? No. It is an "emerging market" or "newly industrialized country".
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Why is Mexico a very religious country?

One of the objectives of Spanish conquistadores during the conquest of the Americas - besides gold and eternal glory - was to 'convert the heathen' to their own religion: Ro ( Full Answer )
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What part of the country is Mexico?

I guess you mean New Mexico (capital: Santa Fe). It is on the southwestern United States. It lies between Arizona and Texas, bordering the country of Mexico.
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How does Mexico trade with other countries?

Yes, Mexico trades with many other countries. In addition to airports served by cargo-carrying aircraft from around the world, Mexico has several road and railroad lines from ( Full Answer )
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Which country is Mexico in?

If you mean "New Mexico", that would be the United States. Otherwise, it would be one of the 31 states of Mexico, the country.
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What country is Mexico from?

Mexico (the country) was first settled by several ethnic groupsafter the last Ice Age; from 3000 BC until 1521 AD, severalcivilizations appeared, including the Olmecs, Teotihu ( Full Answer )