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What is the population of Michigan?

According to the US census of 2010, the population of Michigan was 9,883,640. An estimate in late 2011 was 9,876,187 (continuing the decline since 2000). 9.91 million (2014 ( Full Answer )
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What is Michigan climate?

four full seasons. each as beautiful as the other. summers are mostly warm with highs from 80's into the 90's, autumn has great foliage colors, the winters usually produce mod ( Full Answer )
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Are there plains in Michigan?

The northern half of the lower peninsula and much of the upper peninsula are made up of rolling hills and woodlands. Much of the central portion of the lower peninsula is flat ( Full Answer )
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What is Michigan known for?

Michigan is the home of the automobile manufacturing (Chrysler,Ford, and General Motors). It is the only state divided into twoparts separated by the Great Lakes. Michigan is ( Full Answer )
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Does Michigan have tornadoes?

Yes. Michigan has about 15 tornadoes each year on average. Three ofthese tornadoes have been rated F5, including the Flint, Michigantornado of 1953 which was one of the deadli ( Full Answer )
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What is the area of Michigan?

Michigan has a land area of 96,716 square miles or2,696,300,000,000 square feet. It is ranked eleventh among all 50states in total land area.
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What does Michigan have to do with cars?

Detroit is a city (capital) of Michigan. It is where most of the car companies are located. That's why Michigan is know as the mobile state, and Detroit is know as Motor City. ( Full Answer )
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Who is the representative of Michigan?

There are one hundred and ten elected official representatives fromMichigan. This is determined by the population of the state.
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Are there shrooms in Michigan?

you gotta be joking right?? halucinogenic mushrooms grow on cow poop..... often tresspassers on private farms go out at night to harvest the shrooms.... so if Michigan is anyt ( Full Answer )
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Does Michigan have gophers?

According to the pros at the University of Nebraska who conducted a fairly detailed study on these animals back in the 90's, no, Michigan does not have gophers. That does ( Full Answer )
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What nationalities are in Michigan?

It is very diverse in Michigan... German Irish Italian Polish Russian Austrian French Armenian Albanian Croatian Macedonian Serbian Bosnian Africa ( Full Answer )
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Origin of Michigan?

The Origin of Michigan means like, what was Michigan part of (land treaties and territories)? The Michigan territory is part of the northwest territory.
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Where is Michigan?

North of Ohio! It is the only state surrounded by lakes. East of the Missisipi. In the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America. To the North of Michigan it is ( Full Answer )
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Is Lake Michigan in Michigan?

Yes, but not only Michigan. It is also bordered by the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. . Yes, but not only Michigan. It is also bordered by the states of Wiscons ( Full Answer )
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Is Michigan or Michigan state better?

Michigan State has won the Paul Bunyan trophy 4 years in a row. Michigan's basketball program is nowhere near MSU's level.
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Why Michigan is called Michigan?

"Michigan" was named by the French, after the Ojibwe word "mishigama", which means "large water" or "large lake"
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Is Lake Michigan owned by Michigan?

Not entirely, while the state borders the lake, so does Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Bodies of water are a part of the US as a whole and are usually divided down the middl ( Full Answer )
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Who is better michigan or michigan state?

That depends on who you ask ... and what you are measuring. In size, the University of Michigan is greater. In Football, the University of Michigan is better. In basketball, M ( Full Answer )
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Does Michigan have a lottery?

Yes, Michigan state government runs Michigan state lottery. the website address is Answered by:
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Are there bogs in Michigan?

Yes there are bogs in Michigan. Some of them are: Mud Lake Bog,Bishop's Bog, and Saul Lake Bog.
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Why does Michigan have tornadoes?

Same reason all other places have tornadoes. They can occur in all 50 states. In Michigan, they are most common in lower MI.
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Is a raccoon in Michigan?

Yes, raccoons are in Michigan. Northern raccoons are much larger than south Florida raccoons, and generally have more kits.
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Is Michigan in Chicago?

Michigan is a state. Chicago is a city. Michigan is not in Chicago. Chicago is not in Michigan. There is a street in Chicago called "Michigan Avenue" and the City of Ch ( Full Answer )
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Can Michigan get hurricanes?

No, by the time a hurricane gets from the Gulf of Mexico to Michigan, it has been downgraded to a tropical depression or remnant low. The storm may be called a 'dying hurrican ( Full Answer )
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Does Michigan have a peninsula?

Yes, the entire state is made up of two penninsulas: the Upper Penninsula and the Lower Penninsula. Looking at a map it's clear how there is water along three sides of each of ( Full Answer )
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What is the state of Michigan?

The state of Michigan is an American state; in fact it was the 26th state to join the Union. It is the 11th largest state by area and the 8th most populous. It is located in t ( Full Answer )
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What Michigan statehood?

Michigan was admitted into the Union on January 26, 1837becoming the 26th state to join the Union.
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What are the peninsulas in in Michigan?

The upper and the lower. The lower peninsula is the part that looks like a glove. The upper peninsula is actually part of Wisconsin.
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What is there to do in Southfield Michigan?

There are many things that residents and visitors can do in Southfield Michigan. During the day a round of golf can be played at one of many golf courses. Afterwards, in the e ( Full Answer )
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What are the sports in Michigan?

Well, I know one right off the top of my head. There is Field Hockey, there is also a men's basketball team at Spartan University. I hope this partially answers your question! ( Full Answer )
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Is Michigan in Indiana?

Well the state of Michigan is of cause a state just like Indiana soit can not be in Indiana. However there is a City called Michiganand that is indeed in the state of Indiana. ( Full Answer )
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What state is Michigan in?

Michigan is a state within the United States. Emotionally, it is in a state of happiness.
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Who is the postmaster of Michigan?

There is no Postmaster of Michigan. There are individual city Postmasters and a Postmaster General who is over the entire Postal Service. So, if you are looking for say the Po ( Full Answer )
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Is Ebola in Michigan?

While some people have been monitored for ebola, there have notbeen any cases of ebola in Michigan (December 2014).
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Can Michigan get a tornado?

Yes. On average Michigan is hit by about 15 tornadoes per year.Most of these tornadoes are weak, but strong ones do occur. Threetornadoes in Michigan history were strong enoug ( Full Answer )