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What is microtrauma?

Microtrauma is small injury to the body. It's a microscopic injury that usually affects the connective tissues. Keep in mind that "micro" means "small" and "trauma" means "injury". Full Answer

Should new shoes cause foot pain?

Footwear can be a contributor to foot pain. Poor fitting shoes in the short term can cause blisters, calluses, bruising and be a source of athlete's foot. The long-term effects may be bunions, corns, irritation of nerves and joints, misalignment… Full Answer

How does dencorub work?

In general they give heat- they increase blood supply to superficial muscles by opening capillaries and provide the less capillarised tissues such as tendons with much need blood baths to assist in repairing any microtrauma that a workout can cause… Full Answer

What is drummer's leg?

Drummers leg There is a rare but real condition that strikes drummers. The medical condition is common in the general population, mostly in older sedentary people with underlying serious medical conditions like cancer. It is called a Deep Venous Thrombosis… Full Answer