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What is a common migraine?

Eighty percent of migraine sufferers experience "migraine without aura" (common migraine). In "migraine with aura," or classic migraine, the pain is preceded or accompanied by visual or other sensory disturbances, including hallucinations Full Answer

Are migraine headaches hereditary?

There is evidence that migraines have a genetic component, particularly in certain specific sub-types of migraine (eg, familial hemiplegic migraine). This does not mean, however, that people who do not have a family history of migraine cannot be diagnosed as… Full Answer

How do you overcome migraine?

Overcoming Migraine depends greatly upon if you are overcoming the disease, or a particular attack. Overcoming Migraine as a disease is not possible, but preventives can be prescribed that will lessen the frequency of attacks. Overcoming a Migraine attack is… Full Answer

What is migraine disease?

Migraine disease is a genetic neurological disorder that results in *attacks* generated in the nervous system which can involve one or more of the possible Migraine phases. Migraine may or may not include pain. Full Answer

Can retinal hemorrhage cause migraine?

Migraine is a primary condition. This means that Migraine is not caused by any other condition. Migraine may be triggered by retinal hemorrhage, or the pain of retinal hemorrhage may mimic Migraine. However, Migraine is not caused by retinal hemorrhage… Full Answer

What can be done to cure migraine disease?

Like diabetes, glaucoma, migraine is not totally curable.With proper medication, the extent of migraine related severe headaches can be minimized. The complexity of migraine can be gauged from the fact that it is related with both brain and eyes. Full Answer