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What has the author Othmar Hackl written?

Othmar Hackl has written: 'Die bayerische Kriegsakademie (1867-1914)' -- subject(s): History, History, Military, Kriegsakademie (Bavaria, Germany), Military History, Military education 'Der bayerische Generalstab (1792-1919)' -- subject(s): Bavaria (Germany), Bavaria (Germany). Heer, Generals, History, Military, Military History, Officers Full Answer

What has the author Erich Schmidt-Eenboom written?

Erich Schmidt-Eenboom has written: 'Wiesbaden' -- subject(s): History, Military, Military History, Military bases, Military towns 'Der Schattenkrieger' -- subject(s): Biography, Germany (West), Germany (West). Bundesnachrichtendienst, Intelligence service, Politicians, Secret service 'Undercover' -- subject(s): Germany, Germany. Bundesnachrichtendienst, History, Journalism, Political aspects… Full Answer