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What powers are granted to the states?

The state governments was granted six powers. The state powers are: to establish local governments; to regulate commerce within a state; to conduct elections; to ratify amendments to the federal Constitution; to take measures for public health, safety, and morals… Full Answer

Why are emergency rooms busy?

Many emergency rooms around the country are very busy especially if they are in urban areas. More and more people that are unable to afford health insurance use them on a more regular basis. There is also evidence that the… Full Answer

When officers have essentially the same enforcement powers as local police in the state and can work caes and enforce the law anywhere within the state you can say they are the following the model of?

State Police Model - a model of state law enforcement services in which the agency and its officers have the SAME law enforcement powers as LOCAL POLICE but can exercise them anywhere within the state. (PG. 160 Introduction to Criminal… Full Answer

What is WISHA?

WISHA stands for Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act, which oversees workplace safety and health in Washington State. See link below. Full Answer