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What is a mom?

A mom (mother) is someone who cares for her children whether theyare hers by blood, marriage, or adoption.
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What is your mom?

A fun person who is loving, and smart, and cares for her children... and occasionally has to apologize for them..
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What is a book review?

A BOOK REVIEW is when u write a plot, remendation and u write about the book
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How do you review a movie?

Its very simple and easy really. 1. Watch the movie 2. Write down what you think, good parts, bad parts, characters etc It can be anything you want because it is your review ( Full Answer )
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What is Mom?

A mom is a person that gave birth to you. Really, you should know that by now.
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What is judicail review?

It is when the Supreme Court can overturn Laws Challenged by the Judiciary as Unconstitutional.
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Why is review good?

Review is going back over something you've learned in order to refresh your memory. It does just that - can you see how it would be good right before a test, or before you sta ( Full Answer )
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What is a review court?

A review court is one which has appellate jurisdiction rather original jurisdiction over cases. Courts with original jurisdiction hear cases at the trial level only. Courts wi ( Full Answer )
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What is review text?

Review text is a type of writing that is used to respond,summarize, and analyze to other written pieces. An example would bea book review.
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Audit and review?

Please write your question in a COMPLETE sentence so people can understand and answer it.
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What does a mom do?

Most mothers do so many things they cannot all be mentioned, but here are a few: . When a child is very young they calm their child down when they may have nightmares and ( Full Answer )
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What is film review?

a film review is when somebody from a magazine, newspaper, website, etc, sees a movie and says what they thought about it
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How does your mom do it?

Do what? Make sandwiches? Cause that's all women are used for. Making sammiches. Mine puts on some peanut butter on one slice and jelly on the other and sticks them together.
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What is a mom for?

to take care of you when you're sick. and to listen to you. A mom is: Your personal rowdy rooter!
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What does a book review have in it?

this largely depends on what you want the size of your book report to be. If it is a large one (perhaps for school) then an explanation of the story, its characters and what y ( Full Answer )
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What is a critical review?

Reviews present opinions, usually about some work of art such as a book or a movie; critical reviews are those which present criticisms.
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What does a review do?

A review is anywhere from a couple of sentences to paragraphs explaining a persons view on a product or service. What it mainly does is inform a viewer, or potential buyer, ab ( Full Answer )
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What laws that can be reviewed in judicial review?

A court can review any law relevant to a case before the court to determine its constitutionality, unless Congress has explicitly restricted that court's appellate jurisdict ( Full Answer )
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Why are moms moms?

By definition, all moms are moms. They are moms because they have children. If you mean why they have children, the reasons vary. Some planned to have children and others just ( Full Answer )
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What is a review embargo?

Movie studios could enforce review embargoes that prohibited critics from publishing their film reviews in advance of the film's release date. The movie industry still views r ( Full Answer )
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What are costumers reviews?

Customer reviews are comments on the item that they bought. They usually say what they thought of the product and if it was good or not.
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What do you do in the 360 review?

A 360 degree feedback is a way of getting feedback not just from your boss or manager, but from your peers and colleague's, and also from subordinates and also people you may ( Full Answer )
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How can you get your mom to you?

Shout her Name (mom/mum). Ring/Text her Number. Slap her in the Face (wake up call).
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What do you do when writing a review?

On writing product reviews we must collect full details about the product then only we can easily write product reviews.
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What are the reviews for the iPad?

The Apple iPad has thus far received fairly good reviews from it's consumers. This electronical device has perfromed well upon it's expectations and has received an overall ra ( Full Answer )
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How is your mom your mom?

Your mother can be your mother in many ways: . She is your biological mother; she bore you and birthed you. . She legally adopted you; another woman bore and birthed you. ( Full Answer )
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Why does your mom get on to you?

Your mom gets on to you because they want wants best for you and for you to know right from wrong
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How do you get your fanfiction reviewed?

The only way to get any of your writing reviewed is to do your best at it, put it out there, and hope for the best. If you have a good author platform, you can request reviews ( Full Answer )
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Where can turntable reviews be found for review?

There are many types of turntables in Ebay and Amazon.You can check which turntable you like and read a review about it there and if you buy it, you can review it yourself and ( Full Answer )
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What is the Cochrane Review?

The Cochrane Review is a popular and prestigious review system for rating health care and health policies and their changes. They look at the evidence given by treatments and ( Full Answer )
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What kind of reviews does VOIP reviews have?

There are many types of VOIP reviews. Depending on the company that is being reviewed, there can be positive types of reviews. If the company provides poor service though, the ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your mom to?

Children have very limited options on "getting their mom to" doanything, unless what the mom is not doing constitutes actualneglect or abuse. You could try asking very polite ( Full Answer )
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What is juicial review?

Judicial review is the doctrine which legislative or executiveactions are to be reviewed. This is used in court.
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because she gave birth to you, and just in case your wondering, your dad is your dad because he is married to your mom
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Is it me and mom or mom and I?

That would depend where you are using it in a sentence. Mom and I went for a walk. (You wouldn't say "Me went for a walk".) Dad gave both me and Mom presents from his trip. ( Full Answer )