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What was the Amarna Revolution?

The Amarna Revolution was the introduction of Atenism or the period during which Pharaoh Akhenaton introduced the monolatrist worship of only Amon Re. (Monolatrism is when only one god is worshiped but people believe in other gods that are not… Full Answer

Is mormonism a mono or polytheistic religion?

Technically, Mormonism is neither monotheistic or polytheistic - it is more closely monolatrism. Monolatrists worship a single God (like monotheists) but believe that there may be more than one god (like polytheists). Mormons believe in and worship God the Father… Full Answer

Is Mormonism polytheistic or monotheistic?

Technically, neither. Monotheists believe there is only one god and worship only that god. Polytheists believe there are multiple gods and worship multiple gods. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) doesn't exactly fit either of… Full Answer