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What movies have moon in title?

Mad at the Moon, The Man in the Moon, Man on the Moon, Missile to the Moon, Moon, Moon 44, The Moon is Blue, Moon Child, Moon Over Parador, Moon of the Wolf, Moon Zero Two, etc. Full Answer

Different phases of the moon?

The phases of moon include full moon and new moon. The waxing moon is when the moon is going from new moon to full moon. The waning moon is going from full moon to new moon. The quarters are midway… Full Answer

Does the moon ever disaper?

No the moon does not disappear. The moon you see depends on where the moon is. if you cannot see the moon that means it is a solar eclipse or a new moon. so the moon never disappears. Full Answer

When does the moon wax?

When the Moon is "waxing", it is increasing in visible size. This is between the new moon to the full moon. When the Moon is "waning" it is decreasing in size, from the full moon to the new moon. Full Answer