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Can colloidal silver cure morgellians?

While there is no cure for Morgellons, colloidal silver has helped many thousands of sufferers eliminate most, if not all of their symptoms. With over 8 years of experience, we have found that NutraSilver is the most effective colloidal silver… Full Answer

How do you cure Morgellons disease?

There is no definitive diagnosis of Morgellons disease other than its classification as either nonspecific dermatitis or delusional parasitosis. Morgellons sufferers display fibrosis from external or internal sources, coupled with a sensation of subdermal movement or itching. A CDC study… Full Answer

What are black dots on skin that rub off?

First of all please don't accept that what I am describing is necessarily what you have. However, there is a condition known as Morgellons in which the majority of sufferers describe having black dots in their skin which then usually… Full Answer

What are the causes of short -term memory loss?

Atlantic mussel food poisoning CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome) Dementia Encephalitis (HHV-6) HIV/AIDS Morgellons disease Marijuana Abouse Alcohol Abuse Cerebral Tumors Cerebrovascular Disease Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Delirium Drug abouse Head injury Huntingtons Disease Hypothyroidism Lead poisoning Mental illness Normal pressure Hydrocephalus… Full Answer