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What is a decadent cake?

It is a cake that has gone bad. Here are some synonyms for the word decadent: debased, debauched, decaying, declining, degenerate, degraded, depraved, dissolute, effete, evil, gone bad, gone to the dogs, immoral, lost, moribund, overripe, perverted, wanton, wicked. Full Answer

What does moribund mean?

I think it means soemthing like "Almost extinct like... well i got this sentence in my head to try and explain... "Most of these are either Extinct or Morbid" I am only 12 and i know this so HA! sucks… Full Answer

Who is the bad guy in Old Yeller?

It is hard to say, but the daddy/uncle character who shot the dog in the end would hardly get ( Animal lover of the year) honors from the SPCA! The tragic and violent conclusion to the story woud turn many… Full Answer

Is communism still in existence?

Yes. Cuba remains a Communist country embodying many socialist ideals. Admittedly, it does not rise to the kind of dictatorship of the proletariat that Marx envisioned, but it is the closest to it of any regime in history. However, most… Full Answer